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Santa Luzia Ancient settlement

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Discover the Santa Luzia

Ancient settlement

About the Santa Luzia Ancient settlement

Known as the “Ancient Town of Santa Luzia”, records of the existence of these ruins dates back to at least the 17th century. The first excavations began in the 19th century, which were finished in the following century.

Santa Luzia Ancient settlement

About the Ancient settlement

With only one third of the total of the Settlement uncovered, this is a truly remarkable example of the fortified settlements existing in the Northwest Peninsular, as much for its dimension, as for its urban planning, construction typology and defensive purpose.

Situated on the Monte de Santa Luzia, in a geographically strategic location, which dominates entire surrounding area, from the estuary and mouth of the Lima River to the Atlantic, this castro settlement had a long lasting occupation and is one of the best known and most important for the study of the Upper Minho’s early to history and Romanisation.

“Ancient Town"

Join us at the Interpretation Centre of the Citânia de Santa Luzia and discover the “Ancient Town”!

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