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“Miguel and the Dragon” red Pencil and Bookmark


The Alberto Sampaio Museum has a 16th century painting depicting the outcome of the fight between the Archangel Michael and the Dragon, from whose belly, according to legend, Saint Margaret emerged unharmed. A fight between two rivals, which the illustrator Marc Parchow has transformed into a beautiful friendship, where neither can exist without the other.

The result can be seen in the full range of products designed for the Alberto Sampaio Museum. 

Inspired by:

Saint Michael and Saint Margaret. Portugal, 1510-1530, oil on chestnut

This painting, in oil on chestnut wood, represents St Michael the archangel fighting and defeating the rebellious angels and the dragon, expelling them from Heaven, and St Margaret, who, according to legend, was swallowed by a dragon, whose belly she tore open with a crucifix.

“Saint Michael e Saint Margaret” is part of a set of paintings in the care of the Alberto Sampaio Museum attributed to a workshop in Guimarães, active at the beginning of the 16th century, with an interesting unknown painter, today designated by historians as “Master Delirante de Guimarães”.

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Dimension/bookmark: 7 x 20 cm

Dimension/pencil: 20 cm

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