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Tapestry Fan


An essential accessory to have with you on hot summer days, inspired by the Flemish tapestries in the Lamego Museum.

Inspired by:

King Oedipus (series) Oedipus in Corinth. Bernard Van Orley (design) Pieter van Aelst (weaving), Brussels (Belgium), 1525-1530, wool and silk

The four tapestries representing the Story of Oedipus, whose subject matter derives from the work of the same name by the Greek writer Sophocles, are a valuable testimony to one of the most important forms of sumptuary decoration in palaces and residences of the great and powerful throughout Europe.

The fact that no other tapestries dealing with this subject matter are known allows us to conclude that it was a rare, unconventional theme made to order, possibly from a private commission in the 16th century by the then Bishop of Lamego. In addition to its rarity, the artistic quality of this series indicates that it was a high quality product as regards the preparatory drawing – possibly by the Flemish painter Bernard van Orley – and the technical mastery achieved in its execution, leading to the attribution of this series to the workshop of Pieter van Aelst, one of the most important in Brussels.

Today they are classified as a National Treasure and can be seen in Lamego Museum.

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Dimension: 40×22 cm

Composition: canvas

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